BootsnSlippers 2018 Dec 10 Christmas Party

This years party is at the Arnolds Barn located in their orchard, December 10th. 5:30pm to gather and 6pm for Pot Luck Dinner. Bring your favorite Christmas dish. 7pm is dance time. Follow the directions on the below images.

Please note, from the freeway, it will be a left turn into the driveway. From the Winton side, it will be a right turn into the driveway.

There are three print options below.

There will probably be a sign and maybe balloons to indicate the dirt driveway. Turn in and at the first left, pull in. As you drive in, you can either veer left or right to the rear and park. The barn is behind the house.

Please note, the map below is misleading. The “red barn” shown, is actual location and there is parking behind the house. When you drive to the back, pull into the tree rows. Pull up far enough so that others can park behind you.

Click on image to print pdf

Click on image to print pdf


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