BNS Site is Back Up!

We were plagued by Virus’s, Trojuns, and basically the most nasty ‘crap”out there.

I reformatted the server space and started Over!

Let me explain…

…that reformatting the web space gets rid of everything. (period) By knocking out the nasty junk, it also wipes out all of the content that was up before. It will take time to get the site back up and running where it is fun to come by and check in.

Note, that I had a script (small internal program) installed that kept track of all of the hits that came to the site. I will reinstall it, so that I can do the same again. I will be able to see, from what part of the world, who is looking at this site. Before the server formatting, I noticed that overseas accounted for a majority of the hits this site was getting, very few local.

I was not getting any feedback from anyone local. Anyone looking? When you see me at any dance, let me know that you are watching this site. The more people checking in, the more up to date it will be.

Site Admin
Dave Brown

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