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Square Dancing is Friendship Set to Music

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“Stratford & Evans Community Hall”

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Dave Brown 209-777-1274

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There is an Opportunity to Learn Every Tuesday Night

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Have You Wondered What it would be like to attend the local Square Dance, partake in the comradery and challenge of synergizing with three other couples?

Many people seem to believe Square Dancing is what they see in the media, but it comes right down to: Once involved, It’s not what they thought it was.

We humans have evolved with a very strong desire to interact with other humans. It is fairly well noted that we (humans) move to Pair Bond with the opposite sex as the first and foremost inner desire.

As the second most desirable trait of humans, we tend to gather into interactive social groups.


Add into the mix, a desire to be challenged mentally and physically, in a fun way, and you have pretty much defined “Square Dancing”.

If you are single, think of Square Dancing as the Perfect form of “Group Dating”. If you have already “Pair Bonded”, whether you are married or dating, it becomes the perfect atmosphere to interact with others.

Square Dancing is the perfect environment to satisfy all of the above desires as a human being.

Please do consider, by joining us on Monday Night for a “Date” that you will never forget!